Best Motorcycle Jack – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Motorcycle JacksMotorcycle Jacks are a must have item for anyone who likes to maintain their own motorcycles, but which is the best motorcycle jack stand for you? We have reviewed a bunch of scissor and hydraulic jacks available from the internet and this is what we have to say.

Jacks come in all sorts of designs and picking the best out of a bunch can be difficult. Things you have to consider are:

  • Rated Load – How much weight they can safely lift?
  • Quality – Is the jack going to last, are the weaknesses?
  • Lift Mechanism – Do you want a manual scissor lift or a easier to use hydraulic system?

Best Motorcycle Jack

You also have to factor in the quality of the product and what will you be doing with it. If you’re a professional garage you don’t really have an option but to pick the best jack, daily use will quickly destroy cheaper products as they are simply not built for that environment. The inverse is also true, if you’re only likely to use the jack on your annual service then perhaps a more budget option is best for you.

Motorcycle Jack Comparison

 MechanismRated Weight 
ZENY Wide Deck Motorcycle Jack - Budget PickScissor1100lbsCheck Price
Powerbuilt 620422E Triple JackHydraulic4000lbsCheck Price
Vivohome Hydraulic Jack - Best ChoiceHydraulic1500lbsCheck Price
Dragway Tools Scissor JackScissor1100lbsCheck Price
GoPlus Motorcycle JackHydraulic1500lbsCheck Price
OTC 1545 Motorcycle Jack - Premium PickHydraulic1500lbsCheck Price
Liftmaster Scissor Motorcycle JackScissor1100lbsCheck Price

1. ZENY 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle JackBest Budget Motorcycle Jack

View the ZENY 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Jack on the store.

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle jack for occasional use in your home garage, this might just be it.

The ZENY motorcycle jack stand costs very little money, it’s well made, with no hydraulics (nothing to go wrong) that will work on 99% of motorcycles thanks to it’s wide 9″ deck. It’s a good, honest product that does what it says on the tin. The lifting mechanism is a scissor jack, meaning you need to manually turn the nut on the front to lift your bike which can be awkward, but the jack includes a tool to help with this.

One of the greatest benefits of this design is the jack stores away extremely well, fully flat the jack is just 2″ tall. This is great for storing away in a tool kit but it’s also great for getting under lowered motorcycles without fooling around with makeshift wooden ramps or other silliness. The motorcycle jack is also extremely well made and sturdy and features a rubber mat on the motorcycle contact point to protect your bike.

The only downside is the lack of wheels to help position the jack under the motorcycle which more expensive jacks have, but for the money you really cannot go wrong or expect much more. This is our budget pick, it’s the best motorcycle lift for home use.

  • Very well made
  • Stores to be very small
  • Will get under almost any bike without wooden blocks
  • No wheels to move the jack on

View the Powerbuilt Motorcycle Jack (Model #620422E) online.

This product is a monster. It’s a hydraulic jack from Powerbuilt and with a 4000lbs lifting capacity it’s the strongest jack that we are reviewing today, by a long way. This thing could lift a truck, never mind a motorcycle.

This is over engineered by a long way for motorcycle needs, which isn’t a bad thing. If you want a motorcycle jack that will last a nuclear winter, this is a great option. The jack has a couple of unique features which really make it stand out, the first is versatile lifting options. It features a removable lift saddle which you normally see on car jacks as well as rails which are for motorcycles.

If you’re a petrol head and have multiple motorcycles, cars, ATV’s and you’re frequently working on them then this is hands down the best choice. Thanks to it’s versatility this jack will work with and lift just about anything.

The other unique feature is the lockable safety bars, protecting you and your vehicle in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. This is nice to have and could potentially save a life.

As a motorcycle jack though, I found it a bit bulky and you can tell it’s not really a dedicated tool for the job. If you’re looking for a dedicated motorcycle jack there are easier jacks to use, if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool for your entire vehicle fleet from your truck to ATV, this is awesome and it would serve you very well.

I have to say, the build quality and features were insane. This is a tool that you will be passing down to your grandchildren. You won’t find a weak point or corner cut on this design at all, but as it’s not dedicated for motorcycles I can’t really say it’s the best motorcycle jack on review today.

  • Insanely over engineered with a 4000lbs lifting capacity
  • Versatile design for all vehicles
  • Locking safety bars
  • Not really a motorcycle jack

3. Vivohome 1500lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle JackBest Motorcycle Jack

Read more about the Vivohome 1500lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack on the store.

In my opinion, on the balance of value and quality this is the best motorcycle jack on review today.

The Vivohome 1500lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack has some of the features you would expect on a more expensive product such as safety mechanisms to prevent harm in the event of failure and the jack has the option of connecting an airline for automatic operation.

The jack also includes some tie down straps, a removable handle for easy mobility and positioning and adapter bars to suit 99% of bikes you will need to lift.

The product has a decent level of build quality and coupled with the above features means it’s excellent value for money. If you want a hydraulic motorcycle jack for occasional use at home this is a great option for you, but I will say it’s probably not a tool that will last a lifetime. It is what it is, a low cost hydraulic jack for occasional use.

The jack has a 1500lbs lift capacity and 14.5″ maximum lift. It could be used as a ATV jack as well as a motorcycle jack. The lifting contact point feature a rubber cover to protect your vehicle and a nice wide base.

The biggest downside to this jack is when it comes in the mail you will have to do some construction. This includes about 20 minutes of simply bolting a few parts together and adding some split pins. It’s very easy but the instructions are not 100% clear and I had to build the jack from the product image on the box but it was simple enough.

  • Great Value
  • Comes with accessories
  • Can be attached to compressed airline
  • Requires building yourself

Buy the Dragway Motorcycle Scissor Jack on Amazon.

The Dragway Motorbike Scissor Lift has a 1100lbs lifting capacity and features everything you need to get going and look after your bike.

However, I would question why you would pick this over the ZENY Jack we reviewed above. The jack is basically the same except in my opinion the build quality is worse and it’s more expensive. The Dragway has uncoated mild steel for the majority of the construction which will rust rather quickly unless you kept it covered in oil. The lift mechanism was not as smooth and required more force to lift the motorcycle too.

The one advantage is does have is a slightly wider deck at 10″, but unless this is something you need then I personally would avoid it. There is no way I can call this the best motorcycle jack, it would be lying.

  • 10″ wide deck
  • Not as good as the Zeny jack, but costs more

View the GoPlus Motorcycle Hydraulic Jack online.

The GoPlus Hydraulic Jack is a good motorcycle jack for home use. It features a nice wide deck, it’s adjustable, easy to maneuver and operate. The lift mechanism works very well through the foot pedal and has a great lift height of 17 3/8″, which is the highest lifting jack you will see on review today.

Construction quality is decent, there are a couple of rivets where I would rather see welds or bolts which are slightly concerning but the jack was very sturdy, even when extended to maximum height.

The powder coated finish looks great, but the welds could be better. On the jack I received some of them were sharp to touch, they should have been grinded down before powder coating.

Overall it’s a good product and should suit a home mechanic very well, it’s not the best motorcycle jack on review today but it would get you through a project without issues.

  • Very high 17 3/8″ lift height
  • Nicely finished
  • Uses rivets on a couple of joints rather than welds

Visit the OTC 1545 Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack on Amazon.

The OTC Motorcycle Jack is our Premium Pick, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for the best motorcycle jack you will not go wrong with this option. Let me tell you why…

The build quality and finish are as good as anything on review, it’s absolutely flawless just as you would expect from a OTC product. Everything is smooth, built for you out the box, high quality welds, no silly bolts or rivets, very thick steel all round, high quality wheels and great handle. Everything is literally perfection.

Included are also the features you would expect from the best motorcycle jack’s. The product is height adjustable from 3.5″ to 16″, it has a 1500lbs capacity, it has mechanical safety stops preventing collapse in the unlikely event there is a failure, the hydraulics are as good as you can get and the rubber lined mounting rails are 12″, meaning you can lift anything including Road Kings which are very wide.

The jack includes safety ratchet straps to secure the motorcycle once lifted and all of this includes a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. This is not a jack just for the home mechanic, this is workshop grade. You can use this all day every day and I cannot see it failing. There is world of difference between what you are getting with this product in terms of quality, but of course this comes at a cost. It’s not cheap but as the saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice”.

This is a very versatile jack that will last you a lifetime. Without doubt it’s the best motorcycle jack on review today.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Every feature and accessory that you need
  • Two year warranty
  • Expensive, but it’s for a reason

View the Liftmaster Scissor Motorcycle Jack online.

The Liftmaster Scissor Motorcycle Jack is another good product for the average home mechanic.

It does what you would expect it to for a low price. The build quality overall is middle of the road to be fair. It doesn’t stand out much but it’s not going to fail you either.

The downside though is this motorcycle jack was not stable at all. My motorcycle rocked about quite a lot and I think it was down to the thickness of the rubber protection they use on the mounting point which is far thicker than it needs to be. This gives the bike room to compress and becomes a bit more unstable when compared to other models.

The platform is a decent size at 10.6″ and as other scissor jacks do it folds in on itself to be very thin which is great.

I would not use this product without some high quality ratchet straps and by the time you have spent that much you may as well get a motorcycle jack that’s better quality that already includes these accessories. This is not a the best motorcycle jack.

  • High quality build quality
  • Decent lifting capacity
  • Not very stable


In conclusion of our reviews, the three stand out products are:

Let’s get this straight, the best motorcycle jack will have the following properties:

  • Be rated to lift your bikes weight
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High quality and sturdy

The truth is unless your motorcycle is unique in the type of jack it needs, any of these three choices will work for you. The best motorcycle jack for you will depend on your budget and what model suits your needs best.

If you are looking for a simple, budget solution that you will need for occasional use the ZENY Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack is fantastic. It’s extremely well built and as covered in the review I found it to be better built than scissor jacks that cost far more and there is nothing to go wrong on it. The chances are this motorcycle jack will be something you never have to replace unless you want the convenience of a hydraulic lifting mechanism.

There really isn’t much between the OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift and Vivohome Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack. If you want the better jack in terms of build quality and feel then the OTC 1545 wins. I feel that the lifting mechanism was smoother, it was more gradual, it’s slightly lower so wooden blocks were not required on my bike and the build quality was higher…

But, the Vivohome Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack was excellent. Very good in terms of quality and ease of use. It’s a great solution for the frequent home mechanic who wants a great motorcycle jack that will pay for itself many times over in money you will save while servicing your own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Jacks Buyers Guide

It’s important that before you buy a motorcycle jack that you understand the differences between the two types of lifting mechanisms that you will see.

Scissor Motorcycle Jacks

Scissor Jacks use a threaded rod which you turn manually to raise the platform which lifts your bike into the air. They are harder to use than a hydraulic jack, often requiring an extra set of hands to hold the bike steady as your turn the mechanism but usually cheaper and better quality for the same price point. Our budget pick from the motorcycle jacks we reviewed works on this mechanism.

They also have one advantage over hydraulic mechanisms, while they are slower to raise the bike they are also slower to bring it down. Making it easier and more gentle to control as your bring your bike back down.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks use a hydraulic piston to lift your motorcycle that you work with a foot pedal or handle. They are far easier to use than scissor jacks but also more complex and often more expensive. Most professional garages will use these sorts of jacks because they are quicker and easier to use. If you are a “frequent use” home mechanic or simply want to own the best motorcycle jack then you can’t do wrong with hydraulic products.

How do I use a motorcycle jack?

Step 1: Place your jack on a suitable floor

step 1: how to use a motorcycle lift

Picking a suitable place to use your jack is important. Avoid soft surfaces like gravel, grass, soil or anything else that will give way and cause your motorcycle to fall off later. Concrete or paving slabs are perfect, avoid asphalt on hot days or place down a sheet of thick plywood first.

Step 2: Position your bike next to your motorcycle jack

Position your bike next to your motorcycle jack

Position your motorcycle in front of your jack stand with the jacking point directly in front of the jack ready to be pushed under your motorcycle.

Step 3: Check clearance

Use wood blocks to raise your motorcycle before jacking

If your motorcycle is too low for the jack to pass freely under your motorcycles jacking points you may need to use wooden blocks places under your side stand to lift it slightly.

Step 4: Use your best motorcycle jack and get her up

how to jack up a motorcycle

Place the best motorcycle jack under the motorcycle in the position that you feel gives the best balance, this is usually directly under the engine where it meets the gearbox. Hold on to your motorcycle to steady it by the handlebar and seat area and begin to use your motorcycle jack to lift the bike into the air.

If you are using a scissor lift, asking for assistance from a helper is a good idea. It’s difficult to use both hands to keep the bike steady while operating a handle or tool to activate the lifting mechanism.

Step 5: Check your lined up

Before the motorcycle is fully supported by the motorcycle jack, it’s a good idea to make sure that the jacking points are fully on your jacks platform. If you want to realign simply let the jack down as you are holding the bike, readjust the jack (by kicking it) and begin lifting your motorcycle again.

As you both of your wheels leave the floor check the bike is stable by wobbling the bike. You may wish to readjust your jacks position to fix any concerns. If you want to be very safe, using ratchet straps mounting to a solid anchor point from your motorcycles handlebars are a great idea and these are included with the OTC bike jack, but this is not always necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does my motorcycle weight?

You can find the exact weight from your owners manual or through an internet search, but generally a small motorcycle such as an enduro or scooter will weigh under 300lbs, sports bikes range from 300lbs to 500lbs, cruisers tend to top out at 700lbs and touring bikes can weigh as much as 950lbs. This will mean that any motorcycle jack we reviewed today should be able to safely lift 99% of motorcycles out there, but please make sure the jack you end up purchasing is rated for your bike.

It’s also worth noting that jacks rated to 1000lbs (for example) can often lift much more. They have a safety factor built into their rated weight which means the weight listed is not the weight at which they buckle, bend and break. If you have a 1000lbs bike to lift (send pictures) don’t feel like you need to get a jack rated for more than 1000lbs to be comfortable.

How do I use a motorcycle jack on my sports bike?

Because of the fairing on most sports bikes using a motorcycle jack isn’t always the best choice, generally you will find most sports bike owners go for motorcycle stands. These hook into either side of the front and rear wheel and you sit your bike on those points. They tend to work well but I have no first hand experience of them.

The other option is to use wooden blocks or rolled up newspaper and jack your motorcycle from the rear shock support. This can work but is not as stable as lifting a naked bike but it can be done if needs be.

What kind of jobs do I need a motorcycle jack for?

Generally any kind of job that requires you to remove the wheels from your motorcycle will mean you need to use a motorcycle jack. This includes:

  • Servicing brakes
  • Changing tyres
  • Wheel bearing inspections
  • Fitting bar end mirrors and other modifications
  • Replacing chain and sprockets
  • Tightening your chain
  • Storing your bike through winter, you may also want a Motorcycle cover

I also use my motorcycle lift for general servicing including during oil changes. Yes, I could do this on my side stand but with the engine level and flat it’s far easier to drain oil from my motorcycle.

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